kmaDanes Puppy News

Margie has bred Vegas to CH Tanner. The litter has many names on the waiting list. We just wait and see what the Lord blesses us with.

Our next exciting breeding journey will produce all fawn puppies. In a few short months Candi will be bred, ensuring that these precious pups will inherit fantastic sweet temperaments and stunning quality features. Whether you're an experienced dog show enthusiast or simply looking for a loving companion, we look forward to speaking with you.

November 2024 Karen Martin & I are excited to breed Danemark Gunnar to Danemark Myra the exceptional breeding will produce 90% brindle and a few fawn. I expect a combination of a stripey Candi, bringing in height and length of muzzle to an already beautifully balanced Danemark style pup!

kmaDanes’s story:
kmaDanes was a kennel name my daughters created when I registered my first show dog, I was a single mom that wanted to adopt a Great Dane puppy, and the breeder requested I show the Dane. Fast forward to today, I'm not just living my dream, I'm inspiring others to chase theirs, one paw at a time.
We love winning in the show ring but our greatest wins come from family & Dane lifetime relationships! kmaDanes has been dedicated to showcasing exceptional quality, healthy dogs with gentle, loving temperaments. Our journey has yielded numerous AKC, UKC, and International Champions. We hold the AKC Breeder of Merit title and uphold the breed's standards in terms of health, temperament, and conformation. With a passion for celebrating diversity and sportsmanship, we value our companion homes just as much as our show homes.