CH Danemarks Chimera Dragon of Fire - Myra

CH Diamond Danes Hot off the Press (Preston)


CH Danemark N Aldawn Light My Fire BCAT (Doria)


DOB 10/06/2020

Bred By Karen Martin

Owned, Presented & Lives with Cyndi Hardy

Co-Owned by Karen Martin

OFA Cardio - good

OFA Thyroid - good

OFA Eyes - Good

OFA Hips - Good

OFA Cardio Echo - In Process

Myra was adopted by Cyndi and stayed in the co-owned partnership with Karen Martin in Nov 2023. Chimera/Myra's adoptive mother's health declined. Myra came with 5 points 3-point major and 2 points.

The 2nd show Myra was presented by Cyndi, Myra secured a 3-point Major WB/BOW from Judge Eva Bert and the following day Major RWB from Robert Robinson.
Feb 10th GDCAz Myra & Cyndi secure WB for a 5 point Major from breeder Judge Glen Lajeski.

Feb 11th GDCAz Myra did it again for back to back 5 point Majors!!! This time respected breeder Judge,Gina Jaeblon awarded Myra BOW/WB for her 4th Major win and her new AKC Championship title!!! I could never ask anything more from this girl, her heart is pure, she shows like a dream and she loves our family… but for now & forever she’s my couch potato!