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The product is a chamois product, dries stiff, damage to the chamois if pulled apart when dry, emerge your cool coat in water to bring it back to life - sponge type product.

Our cool coat is designed using an absorbing water chamois and top quality fabric. The chest and belly have adjustable buckles, creating a specially engineered sponge type summer wet coat which soaks up as much water as possible, then place the cool coat on your dog to lower their body temperature. To test this experience put cool coat in water with some ice, wring out some of the water, then place the wet coat (aka cool coat) on your dog. In a few minutes put your hand between the cool coat and your dog - you'll be amazed by how cool the dog's body is and how the cool coat is still cold... repeat in 20 minutes and the dogs body is still cool and cool coat wet... next, place back in ice chest and repeat.

Walk any dog show and you will see most dogs are wearing a cool coat, this is because the dog owner's know they are asking their dog to preform at the dogs best and they need to keep the dog body temperature cool to accomplish their successful performance.

Many of our clients are companion homes that want to walk their dog and to keep their body temperature down.
Q: How do I wash my cool coat?

A: We recommend you hand wash and hang dry your cool coat. Occasionally conditions may arise that will require you to wash your cool coat in the washing machine use the gentle cycle & never place in the dryer appliance.

Q: How do I dry my cool coat?

A: Great question! We recommend you hang dry your cool coat, similar to a wet beach towel.

Q: How do I store my cool coat?

A: We recommend that once your cool coat is dry, store the stiff coat in a safe protected place until you are ready to use, and then emerge in water for a few minutes to bring the cool coat back to life. You can also hang dry to about 85-100% dry, fold into shape and then store in open aired circulated climate controlled area.

Q: What do I do when my cool coat dries out?

A: Great question! The cool coat will dry out. When the cool coat is fully dried it will be stiff as a board, but not to worry, simply run water over it and watch your cool coat come back to life. Rinse and wring it a couple times and your cool coat will become soft and supple again. ALERT – NEVER pull dried, stiff pieces that may be stuck to each other. When the cool coat is dry and stiff, this will cause the chamois to rip & damage the cool coat… rinse the dried cool coat under water or submerge into water and watch your cool coat come back to life.

Q: What do I do if my cool coat develops an odor?

A: Odors in an chamois product can be caused by many things. Sometimes it gets stored without being FULLY wrung out and the odor emanates from the stale water held within the chamois’ pores. To eliminate most odors you can wash the cool coat in the washing machine on gentle cycle or hand wash with liquid detergent. Adding a little ammonia or Listerine to the wash cycle helps eliminate any persistent odors.

Q: Does any one of the colors work better than others?

A: No. All colors perform the same

STANDARD Cool Coats are $125.00

Neck wrap are $22.00 (any fabric)

We offer a solid cotton fabric cool coat at $98.00, two fabric cotton combo cool coat at $105.00

We also offer some unique sequin cool coats, the fabric charges increase the cost an extra $20