Occasionally we have an adult available

Adopt from a breeder that supports you & their breeding for the life of your dog.

Things happen, bad things happen to great people & great families. Maybe an owner learns that they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, divorce, loss of job and/or home, so life changes happen to good people but by them putting their Dane’s wellness over their own challenges says a lot about them & wanting their Dane to have stability and a forever loving environment keeps the Dane healthy physically and mentally.
I’m here to help not judge and that’s why we might have a well bred & loved adult available.
They say rescue, don’t shop, I say adopting from a rescue is enabling & supporting poor quality breeders & their outcome from poor breeding habits while still shopping. Adopt and shop both worlds because what’s good for one environment isn’t always right for another.

We have an ADULT AVAILABLE to a Guardian or Companion home.

A Guardian Home is when a kmaDane resides in your home as your companion, we reserve the right to breed the dog one time or finish the dogs AKC Championship.